Travelogues Europe

Growing up I have always traveled with my family as long as I can remember. Sometimes with in Germany, sometime far away.

But since I am grown up (what ever that means) I travel mostly with friends or all by myself. And I loooove adventures. Usually I am up for city trips. But recently and due to some business trips I have found roadtrips absolutely relaxing.

For me I haven’t been on a pure beach vacation for quite a while – mostly because I want to see the world as long as I am capable of it regarding my health.

My latest trips had taken me to Denmark, Rom, Ireland and Schottland. Up in the second half of 2019 I will go to Neapel and discover Vesuv volcano and the Amalfi coast and with my parents in October Iceland.

So a lot to report about…

Karte der von mir besuchten Ziele in Europa