So here you are.

On this part of the blog you will find travelogues from the places I have been to so far.

Some reports are already finished like the first part of my Florida roadtrip. (You can find it here.) Some are work in progress and some are just existing in my head and in my notebook.

Beside impressions I am providing with some photographs, a individual travel map for ever one of my trips, entrance fees up to the time of travelling, our all in all costs, I am handing you some options for avoiding main tourist attraction. So you are prepared to make the best out of your own trip.

To give you a taste of the travelogues to come… Each pin on the map below represent a place I have been on the planet – so far.

die Pinnnadeln zeigen die von mir besuchten Orte

Hope you will enjoy your stay on my blog.


Safe travels,