Getting to know me

You want to know a bit about me? Continue reading.

I started my journey on instagram to share some of my (mostly holiday) pictures with the world. I love photography and travelling. A perfect combination if you ask me! So I thought why not share the beautiful pics I did on my trips.

So here we are. From sharing just pictures to a travel diary of some of my trips.

If I am not travelling or taking pictures I am working 9 to 5 as a physicist in a hospital – patiently waiting for enough money to be on my bank account for a new trip. Meanwhile cooking delicious (my boyfriends words!) meals and strolling around trying to find little places to call my own near my home. To enjoying the sun and music and trying not to take everything to seriously.

I love everything about planning a new vacation. Lately my boyfriend stuck an idea into my head that won’t leave. The problem is that there is only a 10% chance of putting this thought into practise. But luckily things like this won’t keep me from dreaming. Let’s see if we get it done anway. Cross your fingers for me!

I usually love everything about vacation – from research, to planning routes, booking and finally setting my feet on foreign ground. This whole process it keeping me exciting and happy even long after the holiday had ended. And this ist why taking pictures is so important to me.

I try to keep me educated when it comes to photography. So sometimes you will find some reports about some photography lessons I have learned. Hoping they will help you as well.

But let me first take you to the places I have already visited.

So grab your most confortable shoes, your sunglases and your camera and follow me…